• Randea Friedrichs

Mother's Day Reflections

The many hats that parents wear lead us to continuously give the same, “busy” answer in conversations about how we are. We wear ‘busy” as a badge of honour, almost as if being busy makes us a good parent and a productive human. We function on patterns of putting everybody’s needs before our own, but self care is a necessity, not an indulgence. We need to nurture ourselves with the same attention and passion that we do our spouses, children and family pets. I was asked recently what was something in my life that I do just for me and every answer that I gave was disputed and reasonably explained as not really only for me. I was stumped and a bit taken back, as this was one area I was sure I had been aware of. Turns out we justify not prioritising self care in the disguise of ”I enjoy doing (insert something that you enjoy that is really a benefit to more members of your household then just you)”.

We are the example that our children will follow for a lot of years on how to treat people, this includes ourselves. So are you truly living the quality of life that you someday want your children to experience? If not, change it now and show them a different version of “busy”. I don’t want to raise children that put themselves last, that don’t explore their passions, that live to pay bills and repeat. I want them to watch the sunrise, wrapped in a blanket with somebody who knows how to love them, because they know how to love themselves.


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