Whether you've twisted your ankle, sent your back into spasm, or you're rehabilitating after shoulder surgery, physiotherapy provides the relief, support and care you require while you recover. So, why suffer? If you're in Brisbane, you have access to our qualified, professional physio in Camp Hill. Physiotherapy offers more than just relief from your symptoms but can help you address the cause of your pain and teach you ways to minimise or avoid the same stress or injury in future.


Physiotherapy helps those having difficulty moving or experiencing musculoskeletal pain due to illness, disability, overuse or injury. While resting, pain medication and anti-inflammatories can soothe, addressing the cause of the discomfort makes even more sense.


Physiotherapy assists by:


  • Providing scientific diagnosis and treatment: Through evidence-based techniques, physiotherapy offers reliable, medically sound diagnoses accompanied by respected treatment protocols. In many cases, a physiotherapist is the first point of medical contact in musculoskeletal concerns.

  • Offering a holistic solution: The process involves the whole person. Your professional will advise you on why your injury has happened or your pain is recurring, offering suggestions for self-care and prevention in future. In addition, physiotherapists have insight into treating diverse physical challenges. These include neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological and respiratory conditions. You will also participate in your treatment, even taking your therapy home in the form of exercises.

  • Providing preventative assistance and preparation: Physiotherapy and physiotherapist advice, guidance, and exercises can help remedy various short-term and long-term ailments, including managing conditions such as asthma. In addition, the practice can help prepare your body for such diverse challenges as sporting events and giving birth.


Physiotherapy is a tried and trusted source of assessment offering treatment and techniques used by all age groups and across all walks of life. Even so, each of our treatment plans takes you and your specific situation on a case by case basis, personalising each solution.


Physio in Brisbane: What Sets Us Apart?


When you book your appointment with us, our first step is to conduct a physiotherapy initial assessment. This evaluation will reveal the nature of your injury or pain, after which we'll be able to diagnose your ailment and put in place a treatment plan.


Our approach is holistic and includes traditional and complementary alternative methods to support your health and wellbeing, with our Camp Hill physiotherapist services providing:


  • A comprehensive treatment protocol: Our physio sessions can include various treatment techniques to ensure we address your situation thoroughly and effectively. Your schedule might incorporate soft tissue therapy, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, posture taping, dry needling, hydrotherapy and exercise systems including mat, mixed equipment and reformer Pilates. There's no set duration for our consultations which last as long as necessary to ensure you leave us feeling more comfortable than when you arrived. Of course, some injuries and conditions need ongoing attention and some time to recover, so we'll send you home with exercises and other instructions to continue your treatment until your next appointment.

  • Group and private clinical classes: For best results, we offer private or group Pilates classes to address and maintain your progress and keep you limber and pain-free. In addition, combining physiotherapy with clinical exercise optimises your joints' range of movement and lengthens and activates your muscles for maximum results. Private classes can consist of just you, you and another, or a small group of your choice. Book a 60-minute Camp Hill physio session to enjoy the benefit of this physio-Pilates combination. Alternatively, our small one-hour long group classes (max four participants) are available throughout the week. They are a perfect way to stay active and achieve and maintain your strength and fitness goals. For noticeable results, we recommend at least three Pilates sessions per week.

  • Remote assessments and treatment: It's not always possible to leave home and visit one of our clinics, whether due to injury, pain or ongoing pandemic lockdown or concerns. In this case, we're happy to 'come to you' digitally via zoom. Book your initial assessment or physiotherapy session at home using the telehealth Zoom option, and we'll oversee your evaluation and treatment online. Our clinical exercise classes are also conveniently streamed online via Zoom, offering our usual level of individual attention and posture correction to keep your progress on track.​


We treat all ages, conditions and parts of the body. We are specialists in working with your other medical, allied or natural therapy professionals in a multidisciplinary approach to ensure you have the best care and outcomes. Call or book online today. 

The treatments included during Physiotherapy include:

  • Spinal Physiotherapy 

  • Traction

  • Deep Tissue Massage (Aimed at deeper structure of the muscle and fascia - connective tissue)

  •  Trigger Point Therapy

  • Active Release Techniques: A practitioner determines where adhesions are through touch, the practitioner then   couples a patient's active movement with his/her touch.

  • Assisted Active Range of Motion (AAROM)

  • Passive Range of Motion

  • Lymph Drainage

  • Stretches (muscle, neural tissue, joints, fascia)

  • Joint Manipulation: A passive, high velocity, low amplitude thrust applied to a joint complex within its anatomical   limit* with the intent to restore optimal motion, function, and/ or to reduce pain.

  • Joint Mobilisation: A manual therapy technique comprising a continuum of skilled passive movements to the joint complex that are applied at varying speeds and amplitudes, that may include a small-amplitude/ high-velocity therapeutic movement (manipulation) with the intent to restore optimal motion, function, and/ or to reduce pain.

  • Joint mobilisation with movement 

  • Heat and cold therapy 

  • Physiotherapy Exercises *1 included per session

There are extra ad-on services available when booking in Physiotherapy. Please see the Ad-On Services page for more information.

About Hamsa Healing Physiotherapy & Pilates


We are an owner-operated physiotherapy clinic offering holistic, personalised service for long-term results and a healthier, more- pain-free you. Our owner is a qualified doctor; hence our training, experience, empathy, and individualised treatment plans provide a unique level of care and support.


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