Physiotherapy Bookings

Select your appointment from the list below. All appointments are with our highly qualified physiotherapist and pilates instructor, Dr Nadine Rizkallah.

New clients and existing clients with a new condition, please book an Assessment Consultation. This allows us to accurately diagnose your condition and formulate a treatment plan. 

Physiotherapy assessments include; a thorough history of all injuries and conditions, a postural assessment, physical examination, accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan. 

Existing clients may select from a regular (45 minutes) or long (60 minutes) appointment based on their individual needs.

Subsequent consultations may include a combination of physiotherapy treatment, mat and reformer pilates and/or hydrotherapy according to your individual preference and treatment plan. 

Physiotherapy treatment includes; deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, sports massage, dry needling, acupuncture, heat therapy, cold therapy, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, muscle release techniques, self treatment techniques and a lot of advice and education for self management.

Access our online booking system 24/7 and schedule appointments convenient for you. Online appointments available. 


Please note that appointments can only be booked online at least 1 hour in advance.

If you need an appointment urgently, please call the clinic on 0482 700 376.