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Hamsa Healing is a Physiotherapy and Pilates Holistic Wellness Clinic Catering to Everybody, We Achieve Results and Maintain Them!

Why Hamsa Healing?

Hamsa Healing is a boutique Physiotherapy Clinic and Pilates Studio.
Dr Nadine Rizkallah (Owner & Physiotherapist) combines her unique approach to offer holistic wellbeing to her clients.


Dr Nadine specialises in treating multiple and complex conditions. She draws on many years of education and current evidence combined with extensive clinical experience and an intuitive approach to treat her clients. By performing detailed assessments she is able to formulate an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan specific to your goals and limitations. Its a plan unique to you!


Identifying the underlying problem means that we can treat the source of your pain and make a plan to treat the underlying biomechanical factors which are contributing. This combined approach is how we get our clients pain-free and show them how to simply maintain it long-term. 

We understand that everybody is different. Our treatment plans are completely individualised and tailored to you. Offering a combination of individual physiotherapy sessions (both in person and online) as well as a range of pilates classes (clinical pilates with equipment, mat and barre pilates, small apparatus) theres a service to suit everyone. 

We are a rapidly growing clinic, with state of the art Pilates equipment to allow you to achieve results fast and maintain them!


Our passion is to help our clients achieve their goals, therefore we offer a wide range of services to assist you on your healing journey.



‘Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to not only to attain it but to maintain it.’

- Joseph Pilates

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Private Session (1:1)


60, 45, 30 min appointments

Clinical Pilates & Exercise

Private (1:1) or 

Semi-Private (up to 4:1)

60, 45, 30 min


Small Group*

60 min

*View our timetable for times


Aquatic Therapy

Private (1:1) or 

Semi-Private (up to 4:1)

60, 45, 30 min


Private Session (1:1)


60, 45, 30 min




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48 Samuel Street, Camp Hill QLD 4152

Ph: 0482 700 376


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