Our mission is to see each and every one of our members succeed in achieving their health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

Our Story

Hamsa Healing is a Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates Holistic Wellness Clinic located in Camp Hill, Brisbane.


We are a rapidly growing centre and revolve around achieving our client’s individual goals. We offer a wide range of services to assist you on your healing journey.

"The body benefits from movement,

and the mind benefits

from stillness."

- Sakyong Mipham

What we offer

Physiotherapy Assessment & Treatment

At Hamsa Healing all new clients begin their healing journey with a Physiotherapy Assessment.


We perform a thorough assessment, identify an accurate diagnosis and formulate a unique treatment plan - just for you!


Physiotherapy treatment consultations include joint mobilisation techniques, soft tissue manual therapy, dry needling, acupuncture, posture taping, reformer pilates, mat and mixed equipment pilates as well as hydrotherapy.

We offer lengthy appointment times to ensure that you leave feeling pain free and with exercises to assist you on your wellness journey!

Appointments available in person and online. 

Clinical Exercise (Pilates & Hydro)

Individual clinical exercise is the perfect adjunct to your physiotherapy treatment.


Clinical exercise includes reformer pilates, mat and mixed equipment pilates and hydrotherapy.

These sessions can be individual, semi-private or small group depending on your preference.


Physiotherapy treatment prior to clinical exercise aids in increasing joint range of movement, muscle length and muscle activation ability prior to reinforcing this with clinical exercise. It really is the perfect combination of treatments!

If you would like to add clinical exercise, including pilates to your physiotherapy treatment session, we advise booking for a 60 minute treatment to allow adequate treatment time for both. 

Appointments available in person and online. 

Clinical Group Exercise

For pilates to be effective, it must be performed a minimum of 3 times a week.


Exercise classes are a fantastic way to join our community and contribute towards achieving your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

We offer group exercise classes throughout the week to assist you in achieving and maintaining your goals. 


In person group numbers are kept small (max 4 people) to ensure that each client receives physical corrections and palpations to achieve the best results. 


These classes are claimable under your private health cover, however you must have had a prior Physiotherapy Assessment to claim.


All classes are 1 hour and we have classes throughout the week. Checkout our timetable and secure your spot today. 

Online (Telehealth) Physiotherapy & Pilates

At Hamsa Healing we understand that it is not always possible to attend the clinic in person.


We offer Online (Telehealth) Physiotherapy appointments for clients that are unable to travel to our location. Just select the Zoom option when you book your appointment online or contact us for more information. 


We also stream all of our clinical exercise classes online via Zoom. This means it is fully interactive, you can ask questions and we can offer advice for you personally.

New clients or current clients with new injuries, please book in for a Physiotherapy Assessment (Online) to establish a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.



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48 Samuel Street, Camp Hill QLD 4152

Ph: 0482 700 376


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